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"I'm an English guy living in upstate NY. Love to read - just don't have as much time to do so as I'd wish =("
Nov. 7, 2013
The Count of Monte Cristo
Edmond Dantes has everything going for him - a promising career and the hand of the girl he loves. Yet things go disastrously wrong when he is set up - accused of being a Bonapartist he is sent to Chateau D'If...a prison on an island with no chance of release, and not even being told of what he is being charged.<br/><br/>At first first it seems he will go mad, yet he is befriended by the Abbe Faria, who is thought to be mad. The Abbe teaches Edmond about a myriad of subjects, and informing him of a secret treasure. When the Abbe dies (14 years after Edmond's arrival at the prison), Edmond siezes the opportunity to escape and, after locating the treasure, sets out on a patient, complex, course for revenge against those who had ruined his life.<br/><br/>Ever since I first read The Three Musketeers, I have been a fan of Alexandre Dumas, but never had a chance to read this book. I'm glad I finally had this opportunity as it's well worth the time, and I highly recommend reading this book.
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