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Nov. 7, 2013
Barchester Towers
Nov. 7, 2013
The Way We Live Now
On the strength of Trollope's Barchester Towers I decided I'd give The Way We Live Now a try and I am certainly glad I did. <br/><br/>My biggest objection to Barchester Towers was the author's constant asides to his audience. While there are still plenty of those in this novel, there are fewer and they are less intrusive.<br/><br/>The novel itself is well structured following the intertwined stories of several characters, most notably one Augustus Melmotte, a grand con man...oops, financier. <br/><br/>Indeed The Way We Live Now seems particularly modern given today's economic climate.<br/><br/>Essentially it seems, we haven't changed much at all since the age of steam: at least not in the matter of financial scandals.<br/><br/>In any case I very much enjoyed reading this novel and while I'm moving from Trollope for a while, though I'll be back, I take fond memories with me.<br/><br/>Aloha!
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