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"Retired chemist, golfer, basketball fan. Fav book Dune by Frank Herbert, fav album Snivilisation by Orbital."
Nov. 7, 2013
Riders of the Purple Sage
I read this book because my Dad and brother-in-law are big fans of the genre, and it was free and relatively painless. I nearly quit after the first twenty installments because the author did not develop believable characters. But it was free and relatively painless. Eventually, I got to the point of wanting to know what happened. So, I did finish.<br/><br/>I never could beleive the motivations of the lead female character. The attempts by the author to have some of the characters speak in what he believes to be the vernacular of the Old West, but have the two male leads speak with only a few quirky phrases made the book more readable, but again, not very believable.<br/><br/>I was unsatisfied with the ending. The book needed an epilogue.
Dec. 26, 2013
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
A quirky story of how a life goes wrong in an utopian society. All the characters were interesting, though the story was not so much. There are certainly better reads out there.
Dec. 26, 2013
Good cyber punk. An adventure story only; no exploration into deeper meanings of life or the human condition.
Dec. 26, 2013
What if in a future where you could have anything, a group of people established a self reliant, subsistence society and isolated themselves from knowledge of the life style of the rest of the thousand worlds. This story is of an event in the life of one of those people.<br/><br/>It is well written with good character development. An interesting side light is the tie-in to Thoreau's Walden. Definitely worth the read.
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