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Dec. 27, 2013
Line, Please
great story, great character!
A great story, and Kingsway is an incredible narrator, one I'd follow anywhere. With a voice both droll and caustic -- or as he puts it, "jumpy and jet-lagged from last night’s sleeping pills and this morning’s Red Bull" -- he's the sort of narrator only great literature allows us to empathize with. Hua does an amazing job taking him out of his comfort bubble, granting him just the right blend of myopia and self-awareness (or maybe it's camera-induced self-consciousness masquerading as self-awareness?), and then watching him fray: "My hook-ups -- my entire existence in Hong Kong -- had been possible because of the camera’s omnipresence, I realize then. Framing the shot, zooming in, I had watched as though outside of myself, performing the playboy, on and off the set, in and out of the bedroom. Now, the lens shuttered, I no longer know how to act." Read it!
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