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"I'm best be described by the books I enjoy: Perfume-Suskind; Stardust-Gaiman; Wilkie Collins is a genius; anything Austen; anything Hardy; anything Bronte; Dickens if I've got time; some Pullman; Academic reads - Holt or Taylor-Gatto; Pop Science - 59seconds or Freakonomics."
Nov. 7, 2013
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
&quot;I have tried reading Dickens....&quot; was what I would say to people who had read Dickens. I had started a few of Dickens' works a number of times and always found myself irritated by the over flowery beginnings. Definitely paid by the word, I thought, yawn. Then I read Nicholas Nickleby, one of my firend's favourite books. I have absolutely loved the humour and honesty regarding human frailty, in all senses of the word. The plot was a predictable heaven, especially if you like your plot with no loose ends and a satisfactory ending. Amazingly enjoyable. I'm not wholly sure nearly 200 years has elapsed since it was written because it all seems so familiar.<br/>Happy reading.<br/>This book has entered my top 10! Along with an ecelectic mix of others from &quot;Perfume&quot; by Patrick Suskind to &quot;Stardust&quot; &amp; &quot;American Gods&quot; by Neil Gaiman.
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