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"Love is my polestar in life;since my childhood i have had best company in books,read lots of them and now it is expressed in writing reviews on my blog.Lots of imagination and personal experience is w"

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Dec. 26, 2013
A Christmas Carol
The main character is a man taken from the present with all his poor human attributes as being a miser, and put into all temptations to make him into a complete different being,following a magic and dream we all have .There were three ghosts to tempt him:Past,Present and Future.<br/><br/>The past in its intention of reminding to the child he used to be…childhood is most important period in life;from that comes all the destiny if you followed it in right way.it is also the richest and happiest for lack of awareness of all malign and vicious which mature man can bring forth.The Childhood bears smile of innocence ,most visible in eyes of a child.It also forewarns you that your opponent,fellow you confront once was such a child and give a chance to melt your approach and forgive.<br/><br/>read on <br/>my review on Christmas Carol<br/>http://slavicavista.wordpress.com/2010/12/04/christmas-carol/
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