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"I'm 50, and I'm on a continuing quest to read all the classic literature I shunned in high school."
Nov. 7, 2013
A Room with a View
Is it wrong of me to have fallen in love with old Mr. Emerson rather than George? :-)<br/><br/>I read this book because I love the movie, yet I have always been dissatisfied with the characterization of Lucy. Her motives escaped me; she always seemed more peevish and spoiled than just &quot;in a muddle.&quot; Happy to report the book explains well why she constantly pursues self-deception and denial. It stems in part from the early influence of her spinster cousin Charlotte, and in part (I believe) from the Edwardian period itself, when English women were just coming into their autonomy. It's a good read; hope you like it.
Nov. 7, 2013
The Count of Monte Cristo
I started this book with low expectations, but now I count it among my favorite pieces of literature. I was delighted with the meticulous care that Dumas put into the story line, as well as his keen psychological observations and lyrical descriptions. Finished July 2010
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