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"I love Jane Austen & have read all of her books. I like her era & style. However, I dont count out a book until I try it, no matter the genre. I've actually fallen in love w/the Twilight Saga."
Nov. 7, 2013
Mansfield Park
I really liked this book. It was no Pride & Prejudice ... but none others have been either. this was still VERY well written, as is most Jane Austen novels. There was a want for a bit more substace in the ending, or a better described ending...but it was the proper ending...just in shorter version. This book is definately worth the read! I recommend it!
Nov. 7, 2013
The Picture of Dorian Gray
This book kept me interested to the end. Without giving it away I will say that the ending, in my opinion, was what I would have thought to be the best one. I loved creating the world of Dorian Gray in my mind as I read. I would recommend this book.
Nov. 7, 2013
While this was not one of my altime favorites of Jane Austen...it still does her much justice. She was an amazing writer. This story was written well and really makes you feel like you live in the times she writes of so well. I would definately read it again. Mr Knightley was a wonderful character. Most of her leading men are...but Mr Knightley I must say is definately a favorite of mine.
Nov. 7, 2013
Northanger Abbey
Definately not up to par with what you expect from Jane Austen. It was an ok book but didnt have the strong story and perfected ending that I had expected. Just not one of her best by far.
Nov. 7, 2013
Pride and Prejudice
This is the best book Ive read in years. Mr Darcy and Elizabeth kept me inthralled to the end. I could feel their feelings as I read this. I LOVED IT! I wanted it to never end, for the pages to go on forever.
Nov. 7, 2013
I LOVED this book as well. I love Jane Austen altoghether, but this and Pride & Prejudice are my absolute favorites. My own relationship with my husband had taken somewhat the same toll as Annes and Wentworths. Seperated for a few years... coming to find out that the love was stronger than ever! I LOVED THIS! That letter from Wentworth was beyond expression. I was so deeply affected by it i read it time and time again. I will read this again. I hope to see the movie soon. I just fall in love with Jane Austens characters so easily. Ive read a few of her books and once i read them all...i will start over again... with this one.
Nov. 7, 2013
Sense and Sensibility
I liked this book. I feel it did pale in comparison to Pride and Prejudice however. I mistakenly read P&P first, therefore making this book a bit less enjoyable. Had I read it before P&P I feel I would have enjoyed it much more. The characters and the story are wonderful and kept my interest throughout the book. I LOVE Jane Austen, this book is truly a work of art in my opinion and absolutely worth reading....just read it BEFORE Pride and Predjudice. :)
Nov. 20, 2013
Little Women
I liked the overall story and reading this book was entertaining. It was humorous and delightful. I was saddened by one of the events involving Beth in the book and wished it would not have taken place...I had an inclination to wish other events to have taken place with Laurie and Jo but I feel that situation actually ended rather well. All in all, very good book.
Nov. 20, 2013
Women in Love
Ok, this book was good. It was set in the early 1900's coal mining era. I loved the male characters, even their underlined love of each other. Rupert was a great lover of nature, he truly loved Ursula as she did him..Gerald was my favorite character however. He was strong, masculine, passionate....Gudrun ruined him. I think he truly loved her, but they had no understanding like Rupert had insisted on from Ursula from the very start. I was very unhappy with the ending. First with the way the story ends in itself, but also because it is as if it ends in the middle of a story. Its like your reading along and then its done. No finality, no closure on it. I was intrigued throughout this book, just very unhappy with the way he destroyed Gerald.
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