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BANG! The Great Somali Goat Bubble
Julian Gough
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Master satirist Julian Gough turns his inimitable wit and wisdom to third world economies, managing to explain derivatives, arbitrage, and futures through airplanes crashing into livestock.

Dr. Ibrahim Bihi of Somaliland has an advanced degree in economics and, as far as worldly goods go, a goat with three legs. Using his knowledge of temporary market inefficiencies and the propellers of a UN food plane, he turns his goat into capital and sends the global economy into a speculative frenzy. Soon most of the world’s wealth is tied up in goat-backed securities. What could possibly go wrong? Only everything, and with our faithful orphan Jude as guide, we can sit back and laugh our way toward the resolution of this uproariously instructive satire.

Also available as part of the story bundle -isms: Stories, six stories for just $4.99.

"Sheer comic brilliance" — The Times (of London)

"A ridiculous, brilliant piece of writing." Sunday Guardian, India

BANG! The Great Somali Goat Bubble
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