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In our latest story bundle, five acclaimed writers bring us inside six cataclysmic events that shaped the past hundred years. From an uproarious satire of the global banking crisis to a tense encounter between a famed Czech dissident and his playwright daughter, these stories capture the intensity and scope of world-shaking events without losing sight of the human lives swept up in them.

We've once again brought together a mix of emerging and acclaimed voices, including Molly Antopol, author of one of the most hotly anticipated debuts of the year, and Alan Lightman, international bestselling author of Einstein's Dreams. With generosity, humor, and occasional fury the writers gathered here lay bare the human forces that continue to shape our world.

The Quietest Man by Molly Antopol
Reprisals by Alan Lightman
Lonely, Lonely, Lonely Is the Lord of Hosts by Yael Goldstein Love
The King, The Queen, and the Puny Pawns by Nina Schuyler
CRASH! by Julian Gough
BANG! by Julian Gough

Oct. 15, 2019
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